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About Me

“Hayden began his musical journey at age 7 with piano lessons. His parents bought him a violin for his 8th birthday but couldn’t start having formal lessons til the age of 12 due to lack of violin teachers in his local town of Coleambally, in rural NSW.  Finally realising his dream, he began lessons with Paul Legget who he studied under for 4 years. Hayden achieved his 8th grade with Credit “B+”. He also completed the same level on piano at a similar time. Choosing to specialise in violin, he continued having private lessons in Sydney under Polish teacher Beata Stanowska for almost two years while working a full time job. In 2009, with the financial assistance of busking, he produced his first CD (Music to soothe the Soul), a sacred album with solo violin accompanied by piano and string quartet. He promoted this album by performing his own concerts in churches, various public venues, and nursing homes. He recorded a 2nd album in 2012, No More Night, continuing to perform concerts. All together, Hayden has performed over 150 concerts throughout Australia and New Zealand. Realising he needed to refine his skills to take his career to the next level, Hayden applied to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where he began studying in 2014 under teachers such as Margaret Blades and Christina Katsimbardis. For the past three years he has studied under professor Alexandre da Costa, which has helped inspire him to always aim for a high standard of musicianship. Hayden completed his four year bachelor degree in performance when he performed the graduation recital in November 2017, where he played the complete Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. Hayden recently produced his 3rd CD (January 2019), and now plans to focus on performing on performing sacred and classical music full time to inspire and bring joy to thousands around the world. He plays on a French made, Collin Mezin violin, made in 1933.”